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Patron Saint Hubert Medals – Symbols of Faith in a Secular World

Patron saint medals as symbols of Christian faith and devotion are defiantly at odds with the materialism of the modern and very secular world.

To wear a medal portraying the image of a person St. Hubert Medallion who long ago left this earthly life, but whom you believe can still have influence on your day-to-day activities, is considered ridiculous superstition by many, if not most, members of our materialistic society.

Those who do not outright disdain Saint Hubert the evidence of belief in  saints may still to look askance at a St. Christopher medal hanging in a friend’s car and feel some measure of awkwardness or even embarrassment.

However, there was a time when faith in saints and the spiritual world they inhabit was as commonly accepted as the faith in the cycles of nature.

No one doubts that seeds planted in the ground will grow and reach for the sunlight. With the same assurance, much of the world in times past believed that a righteous person lived on beyond the grave in the heavenly realm, where, according to their degree of holiness on earth, they possessed special graces of intercession.

Throughout the centuries, St. Joseph, St. Jude, and St. Anthony, have secured the devotion of countless people from all spheres of society. These are among the most well-known saints. But every century has produced holy men and women recognized by the Church and the faithful as saints.